[CQ-Contest] Your Inputs - NCJ Contesting on a Budget Column

PaulKB8N at aol.com PaulKB8N at aol.com
Thu Dec 26 13:40:48 EST 2002

To all:

Thanks for all the help with the column.  I had a brief hiatus from the 
column, as my daughter got married last month and we were quite busy 
entertaining guests from three continents!

Computers and software are a bargain these days.  My next column will be on 
budget computing and will address (but not be limited to) these topics:

Where to find inexpensive computer equipment, both new and used?

What specific hardware do you plan to add in the near future, and for what 

What do you consider the best low-cost upgrade you can make to your station 
computer system?

What new computer capabilities are you planning to exploit with low-cost 
computing equipment?

Cables, peripherals, etc, are used and/or bargains worth seeking out?

Freebie software:  What do you use, where do you find it, recommendations?  

Any other comments are welcome.  Look forward to your inputs!

Paul R. Schaffenberger, K5AF

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