[CQ-Contest] KLM antenna manual help

KN5H kn5h at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 26 13:35:37 EST 2002


I have been hauling a pile of aluminum around for 15 plus years now. This pile
consists of 1 ea. KLM 6 ele 10 mtr, 1 ea. KLM 6 ele 15 mtr yagi, 1 ea. 2 ele
KLM 2 ele 40 mtr yagi and 1 ea KLM KT34A tribander. After years of my wife's
QRM, I need to sort out this mess and get rid of these antennas, or whats left
of them. 

Does anyone know where to find manuals for these antennas?

Thanks in advance
Happy Holidays
de Hose KN5H

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