[CQ-Contest] Contest QSL DX buros

Matt aa7bg at 3rivers.net
Tue Dec 31 18:10:00 EST 2002

I am trying to start the new year off right by clearing up all my tardy
contest QSL requests. Today I sent out a couple of steamer trunks full of
QSLs to each of the DL and JA buros. The addresses I used are below. I hope
they get there okay.

After I sent them I realized that I cut and pasted the DL (DARC) address
from the web site after having it English translated. This made the street
name "Lime tree avenue," instead of what I think it should have been which
was "Lindenallee". Guess I shoulda caught that before I sent them, but I
hope they make it. There was a thread on here a while back about sending
direct to the buros so I thought I'd try it. Do these addresses look right?

DARC e.V. QSL office
Lime tree avenue 4
34225 Baunatal


DARC e.V. QSL office
Lindenallee 4
D-34225 Baunatal

and the JA buro:

Shobara Post Office,
Shimane 699-0588

73 and HNY to all,

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