[CQ-Contest] IC-756PRO vs IC-765

Fritz Reuning k4oaq at chartertn.net
Fri Feb 1 22:54:44 EST 2002

I've got an IC-765 and have used it for a number of years. I'm looking for 
something "new" but unfortunately don't have the money to buy something 
really new. I've got a friend with an IC-756PRO (not be confused with the 
PROII) who is willing to loan it to me for the ARRL DX CW.  Obviously, I 
don't want to get into the contest with the 756 and wish that I hadn't.

One potential advantage I think the 756 will give me is the improved 
ability to find new multipliers.  My thinking goes something like this - as 
I sit there running Qs, I can simply look at the "scope" to see if there 
are any big pileups, and if there are, where they are.  Can this actually 
be done, or does the scope look like wall-to-wall pileups during a contest?

Any thots, ideas, etc would be appreciated. FYI I'll be operating 15M SOSB 
in the ARRL if that has any bearing.

73, Fritz K4OAQ

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