[CQ-Contest] Ok here is mine...

Thom Durfee WI8W wi8w at attbi.com
Sun Feb 3 02:03:53 EST 2002

During the 1979 CQWW Phone Contest, I was plugging
along working station after station when I
stumbled upon this G3 something or the other.  I
spent about 5 minutes yelling at him in my
microphone when he finally heard me, gave me my
usual 59 report and then added "please check your

Puzzled with that remark, it took me several
minutes to figure out what he was getting at.
Suddenly it dawned on me.  My Ten Tec Argonaut 509
had a analog dial that on 80-15 meters each mark
on the dial represented 1 Khz.  I was on the 10
meter band where every mark was 4 Khz and I was
transmitting 8 Khz below the phone portion of the
band (at that time 28.500).  Quickly I changed
frequency.  All was forgotten until about 10 days
later when that letter arrived from the FCC.

No,  I did not count the contact, but I did place
#3 USA in the QRP Single Band  10 Meters catagory.


Thom WI8W  (then WD8MCN)

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