[CQ-Contest] Been there, done that - felt 1" tall....

Chris Allingham ve3fu at rac.ca
Mon Feb 4 00:58:07 EST 2002

That was me, calling some DX station, with my last two.

73, Chris VE3FU

 > "I didn't do it.  Nobody saw me.  You can't prove anything." - Bart Simpson
 > 73, Ward N0AX
 > PS - It wasn't "TU", but something similar...


 > > Reminds me of the day I walked into the shack and realized that the
 > > transmitter was sending a string of dits at a full KW on 7007 khz because
 > > something had pushed up against the paddle....and had been for hours!
 > > When I cleared the paddle, someone immediately said "tu" on the frequency.
 > >
 > > 73, George, K5KG

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