[CQ-Contest] QST contest writeups on web?

Zivney, Terry L. 00tlzivney at bsu.edu
Fri Feb 8 14:46:44 EST 2002

Did anyone else find it interesting that the results for
the VHF/UHF  and micrcrowave contests printed in the 
March 2002 QST were posted (as has been the norm for 
Sweepstakes, the ARRL DX contests, etc) to
the ARRL members-only web page sometime before they 
are printed in QST 


the IARU results printed in that issue never were
posted the the members-only page (although they now
appear under previous contest results on the ARRL
web site). 

Furthermore, on the matter of pages wasted by contest
results, notice the huge amount of white space in
the HQ stations listings, and the listing of line
score results by ARRL section, even though the
rules clearly state certificates are awarded (in
the US) by states.  All of those extra headings
and white space necessitated by the headings again
contribute to less space for meaningful contest

Terry Zivney, N4TZ/9 

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