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Jeffrey Clarke ku8e1 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 12:03:09 EST 2002

  I think there's a big misconception that the NA Sprint is a "North
America Only" contest. That's NOT true. Anyone in the world can
participate. It's no different than ARRL DX (world works USA) or 
WAE (world works EU). In fact the 2nd highest DX score for CW came from
South America -> HC8N(N5KO) in the Feb 2000 CW Sprint. Trey also holds
the DX record operating from XE2XA in 1990.  F/N6TR even managed to get
196 QSO's from EU in 1990 ! So you EU guys could have some fun in this
one too...

  The nice thing is NCJ keeps track of the records from not only NA
but the whole world. See
for the CW records.  I encourage contesters in other countries (outside
NA) to give it a try too. Maybe you could add your country/callsign to
the list of records.

 I have been a Sprint regular since the late 1970's. I think this is
the best contest around to try to improve you contesting skills. I know
that some people can get frustrated about the QSY rule but I will argue
the being a world class contester is more than being able to sit on
one frequency for hours on end running guys. Some of the best
contesters around started out with modest stations and techniques they
learned to overcome this disadvantage such as how to S&P effectively ,
how to do quick band/frequency switches or learning how to do SO2R
really pay off when they get the chance to own or operate at a true
"Big Gun" station.

 I have noticed in the last few years that there have been a bunch of
"newbees" showing up in the Sprints and alot of that can be attributed
to to efforts of K9PG, W4AN, N6TR and others in promoting this contest.
Thanks guys !! See everyone on Saturday night (0000Z to 0400Z) .....

                    Jeff KU8E (op at K8MK for the CW Sprint)

ps : Rules can be found at : http://www.ncjweb.com/index.php3?leftcol=contestmenu&rightcol=sprintrules1

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