[CQ-Contest] Morons at the NCJ

Tree N6TR tree at kkn.net
Fri Feb 8 13:52:45 EST 2002

Well, there seems to be a general consensus that the people at the
NCJ don't think about implications of their contest rules outside
of Region 2 (or even the USA).

It seems that two contests ended up claiming the weekend at the same
time however.

Per G0AZT:

> The CQWW/NRJ RTTY WPX contest is the 2nd largest RTTY event of the year. It has
> ALWAYS, since conception in 1995, been held on the 2nd full weekend in February.
> To stuff a CW Sprint in amongst the RTTY folks is bordering on insanity! Get
> real NCJ.

And as W4AU correctly points out:

> In his write up of the results of the February 1994 CW Sprint (July 
> 1994 NCJ), which was held the first weekend in February, Tree mentions 
> a proposal to swap the CW and SSB February Sprints in 1995 to put the 
> CW Sprint on the 2nd weekend because of conflict with the FOC Marathon 
> during the first weekend of February. He invited comments...

> So the status quo has been for the last 7 years.

So - when the decision was made to swap the weekends, the conflict 
didn't yet exist.

Maybe the RTTYers are morons for not reading the CW sprint 
NCJ results.

The truth is that both of us ended up in the same place at the
same time - through no fault of either of us.

The obvious "fix" is to move the RTTY and FOC contests on the same
weekend because the FOCers don't go up above 7035 and have the 
NCJ CW Sprint on the other weekend.  

I would be happy to move the CW Sprint to whichever weekend it takes
to make this happen.

However, I am totally neglecting what impact that would have on 
other contests - or the impact of having the SSB Sprint on the
opposite weekend.

I predict it will be impossible to schedule the contests without
some kind of conflict.  I won't try to start a QSO on a frequency
that has an RTTY signal on it - and I sure hope they won't start
one on my frequency...  however, since RTTY is a mode that can 
be operated without listening to your receiver, I am sure I can
count on a few QSOs getting destroyed by RTTY QRM.

Tree N6TR
tree at kkn.net

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