[CQ-Contest] Morons at the NCJ

Tree N6TR tree at kkn.net
Fri Feb 8 21:43:16 EST 2002

K4IK writes:

> > The obvious "fix" is to move the RTTY and FOC contests on the same
> > weekend because the FOCers don't go up above 7035 and have the 
> > NCJ CW Sprint on the other weekend.  
> > I would be happy to move the CW Sprint to whichever weekend it takes
> > to make this happen.
> What is the possibility of exchanging weekends for the FOC Marathon 
> and CW Sprint?  RTTY WPX is between a rock and a hard place since 
> the Mexico International RTTY is the first full weekend of February 
> and the ARRL DX Contest (CW) is the third full weekend of February, 
> RTTY WPX has no place to move ...

What?  Another RTTY contest on the first weekend of February?  This is
starting to become pretty impossible.  

Also, I am probably not the best one to approach the FOCers about this.

I am skeptical about moving the CW Sprint just so we can QRM a different 
RTTY contest AND the FOCers to boot.

I am pretty amazed that there are two "international" RTTY contests on
consecutive weekends.  I think this needs to be fixed before any other
solutions can be explored.

73 Tree N6TR/Moron
tree at kkn.net

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