[CQ-Contest] Taking a byte out of volunteerism, call someone a name.

Guy Olinger, K2AV k2av at contesting.com
Sat Feb 9 14:12:18 EST 2002

Reality check time. To those of you propagating the thread on "Morons
at the NCJ".

Do you imply your support for the insult by responding to a piece of
email without deleting the word from, or changing the subject line?

You say you don't? Have a look at the listing of email subjects on any
browser that I have ever seen, and see how many times the insult is
listed, over and over, even from the "good" guys.

How many of you are parents? What would you impose as sanctions if a
child called YOU a moron, or their principal, or a teacher, or a
policeman, or ???? And becoming 21 makes use of the word any less

"So what," you say. "I'm tired of all this politically correct crap."
"I get to say whatever I want."

OF COURSE you do. It's a free country, and people have died to
preserve your, still living, right to call a volunteer a moron over
and over again.

But then that also means someone has the right to challenge that with
the self-same paid-for-in-blood freedom.

Truth is, absent a war, probably the same people who died for you,
would otherwise have been involved in some volunteer effort somewhere
in the community. **HOW DO YOU KNOW** that the very person you are
calling a moron will not give their all in some tragic circumstance in
the future? After all, it's volunteers that are likely to volunteer to
do things that put them in the line of fire. Do you have some
prophetic gift that the rest of us do not?

Keep it up. Give us all a working demonstration on how to make sure
anyone who puts in free time for some enterprise will give it up in
disgust as soon as possible so there's no one else to do it and the
enterprise goes under never to resurface. And then, who would be the
first to complain that it's gone?

Don't you get it? Ham radio does NOT, I repeat, **DOES NOT**, pay for
itself hardly anywhere. 99% of it is done by volunteers. NO pay. Just
time spent. And putting up with people calling them morons when
there's something they don't like.

It's not that the volunteers are perfect and always have it right, or
don't make some questionable decisions. After all, they're just like
you. Fallible. Distracted by things like family, government, work,
making ends meet, people sick or dying, or ...

Let's just think who the REAL morons might be here.

Not 73. Not 73 at all.


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