[CQ-Contest] "Only English language" rule in WRTC2002

Zoltan Szoke ha5pp at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 10 08:59:38 EST 2002

Hi Contesters,

Harry RA3AUU,
You can say that the "Only English" rule makes a disadvantage for you,
because if you will do not use Russian language then lots of "Only Russian"
can not make a QSO with you or don't understand your invite to other
bands/mode for mults.  I don't think that is a disadvantage (handicap) for
you because all teams will be "Only English". If I follow your logic so on:
all teams have a handicap without using of Russian language. (Same "story"
with Spanish language in South and Central America.)

I think that you and others should see that the "Only English" not be
against the WRTC competition but a good attempt for a fair competition.
Everybody knows the "own nation prefers own team" bomb is able to destroy
the spirit of the WRTC. I (as "an outsider") would like to know, to see that
the teams will fight with egal chances. But of course I also know that
probably "no absolutely fair competition", no fair rules for everyone. It's
impossibile to create such. The "Only English" rule is one step forth, and
no back. The most important thing is "to retain" anonymity. Oh, yes I accept
that "perfect anonymity" probably it will not pan out. (But guys, "don't
give a horse" to common problem at least.)

Yes, the "Only English" rule can hurt all other nation languages. But we
should forget this for ~24 hours. Otherwise, I think that if we will don't
give up our "opposition" then the rule-maker will be obliged to do cancel
SSB in the next WRTC. Why? Because the next WRTC probably will be in Japan.
And the JA-TEAMs will make over 400 Qs/h rate with their Japanese language.
And what will be there with your Qs/h rate in your japanese language(?).
(Similar problem in USA but not same...)

Good luck in the contest!


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