[CQ-Contest] Why don't they listen up on 40

Ragnar Otterstad otterstad at enter.vg
Sun Feb 10 18:03:32 EST 2002

I have had another hour of listening to stations in the PACC contest never
listen up for USA.  At least 15 different stations were heard
with only PA9DD listening on 7205.   I know that listening up is difficult
with all the BC QRM and its easier to work your own frequency
but if you guys ever want USA 40 SSB support you need to listen up.   I
usually call you on CW asking you listen up but I gave that up
last year when even that did no good.  One station asked a PA1 on 7085 to
listen on 7198 but that station came back and asked if 7198
was the call sign.   If he had no clue to what that meant then he should not
be on 40 SSB.

I am sorry to be so rude but I have stopped working contests such as SAC and
HB9 as I cannot get anyone to listen up.

This is why I will not support split operation on 160.   The USA should not
be put in a position where we are second class hams.  Split operation makes
USA second class!

If you ever had listened on 40 in the USA phone band, you would understand why
you never will be succesful in a European phone contest involving 40 !
That segment is covered wall to wall with strong BC stations, some 50 dB over
9 !!!!!

Stick to CW and you will be OK -i.e.   First class !

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