[CQ-Contest] Sprint Notes

Bill Fisher, W4AN w4an at CONTESTING.COM
Sun Feb 10 14:59:34 EST 2002

If you look at the breakdown of the QSO's for most competitors, you will
notice a big drop on 80 meters.  For example, I worked 135 on 20 meters,
144 on 40 meters, and only 100 on 80 meters.  

This Sprint I went to 80M and called CQ at 0225Z.  I worked only a
handfull of QSOs there for the next 15 minutes and only 17 in the 30
minutes I was there.  

I believe if there were better distribution of activity in this contest,
we could all work more QSOs.  Why do we spend 2.5 hours on 20 meters and
only 1 hour on 80 in February?  At the ned of the contest we are left
wishing we had another 30 minutes to work the rest of the guys on 80.

Next February we should all make an effort to spread the QSOs out evenly
and hopefully Tree will break the magic 400 number.  


Bill Fisher

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