[CQ-Contest] NA Sprint Plaques

Jeffrey Clarke ku8e1 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 06:49:18 EST 2002

 Maybe Tree can answer this question ????

 Are plaques still awarded to the overall winner of the NA Sprint ??
I didn't see any mention of awards , at least on the NCJ website
version of the rules. I seem to remember some past Dayton Hamvention
contest forums where some NA Sprint plaques were awarded....

Now that we have a HP,LP,and QRP classes in the Sprint I think the
opportunity exists where plaques could be awarded to the overall
in these cataegories along with the top team scores. Also it would be
nice to keep track of the LP and QRP state records as well.

 Maybe this might help to improve activity in the Sprints ?? After all
isn't the LP category the most popular category in SS and many of the
ARRL sponsored contests ???


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