[CQ-Contest] NA SSB Sprint - Claimed scores 11Feb2002

mwdink at eskimo.com mwdink at eskimo.com
Mon Feb 11 07:24:56 EST 2002

The problem with this job is that your mistakes 
stick out like a pimple on your nose. I better 
nip this in the bud before I spend all day
answering e-mail <g>

The 11Feb2002 SSB Sprint results are actually 
CW Sprint results.

Yup, I screwed up again. Thanks to all who 
sent me a message (I do appreciate it).  I 
guess I forgot to save  my CW Sprint reporting
template (based on the SSB Sprint report template). 


At 10:04 PM 2/10/02 -0800, you wrote:

NA SSB Sprint - Claimed scores 11Feb2002

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