[CQ-Contest] RTTY sigs down around 7035...

Chuck discreetly_confidential at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 09:59:39 EST 2002

...And with the (inevidable) No-code-at-all-HF license,
many new hams will want to use HF data modes...

Here's a suggestion. It costs a little bit of money, but it
does help to promulgate the band plans around.

Many new folks have NO idea that 'band plans' or
'considerate operator frequency lists' even exist. Plus,
those that do tend NOT to have them handy when they are
selecting frequencies to operate.

So, let's activate some preemptive type actions. When you
ar on theair in a contest and hear some RTTY guys going
lower than the band plan talks about Or hear some CW guys
in the band plan segment for RTTY, why not note the call,
get the address from QRZ or another source, and mail them
acopy of the band plan with a nice note.

Especially if they are 'newly licensed' guys/gals. They
might appreciate a 'Thought you might like to have this'
type of thing, nicely worded along witha nicely printed
copy of the bandplan and op guide.

I put forth the premise that MANY of them tend to go where
they go out of ignorance. 'It's a nice frequency, let's use

I think, if the letter that accompanies the band plan is a
nice one, that 99 percent will recieve it as such and it
will propagate itself. Who knows? YOu might incite folks to
want to come see what the hubbub is about and theywill get
addicted adn 'come unto us'.

Hey.. it cain't hoit!

All it takes is a little coordination


Chuck K3FT

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