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KU8E writes:

>  Maybe Tree can answer this question ????
>  Are plaques still awarded to the overall winner of the NA Sprint ??
> I didn't see any mention of awards , at least on the NCJ website
> version of the rules. I seem to remember some past Dayton Hamvention
> contest forums where some NA Sprint plaques were awarded....
> Now that we have a HP,LP,and QRP classes in the Sprint I think the
> opportunity exists where plaques could be awarded to the overall
> winners
> in these cataegories along with the top team scores. Also it would be
> nice to keep track of the LP and QRP state records as well.
>  Maybe this might help to improve activity in the Sprints ?? After all
> isn't the LP category the most popular category in SS and many of the
> ARRL sponsored contests ???

Plaques have not been awarded for about 10 years now.  Jeff was
running out of wall space.

We have been doing other things to try an encourage more activity,
and I would have to say at this point, they seem to be working 
sufficiently well.  At most, there would be 3 plaques awarded 
anyway - and I doubt the guys winning the high power category
are doing it just for the hardwood.

We are looking at getting the awards flowing again - at least 
the certificates which have been missing for over 5 years.  

However, as I said - this contest seems to be pretty healthy
without them.  

K7SS suggested we have LP and QRP listings of the records.  This
might be a good idea and is being considered.


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>From Tyler Stewart" <k3mm at home.com  Mon Feb 11 23:12:36 2002
From: Tyler Stewart" <k3mm at home.com (Tyler Stewart)
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 23:12:36 -0000
Subject: [CQ-Contest] RTTY tests vs. NCJ sprints (scheduling)
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That would get my vote!

73, Ty K3MM

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> > I agree with both Tyler & Barry on this one.  It would be better to
> > move the NA Sprint up to the XE RTTY weekend.  There is not a
> > whole of activity in XE RTTY even though I did make nearly 800 Q's
> > this year but only 60 were on 40 meters.
> Swapping the sprint weekends is one approach.  However, to put the
> shoe on the other foot, how about exchanging the XE and WPX weekends?
> This is something the RTTY people can do on their own without any
> need for cooperation from NCJ ... other than an agreement to keep
> CW Sprint on the Sunday of the second FULL weekend to avoid conflict
> in those few years that February 1 is a Saturday or Sunday.
> > Just my .02 worth.  I would hope the NA Sprint will move up one weekend.
> The only problem with that is the Sprint weekends were changed in 1995
> to avoid a conflict between two CW contests (the FOC Marathon and the
> Sprint CW) on the first weekend of February.  At least the FOC Marathon
> stays down around 7025 +/- 5 KHz.
> 73,
>    ... Joe, K4IK
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