[CQ-Contest] NCJ Decision Makers (was something less P.C)

Tree N6TR tree at kkn.net
Mon Feb 11 19:48:04 EST 2002

> > Perhaps with some education
> > on the part of the RTTYers to encourage them to use some breaktime
> > during the sprint peak time on 40 (0130-0300) - or to try a 
> > different band - will help even more.  
> The problem with the RTTY guys taking break time during the Sprint 
> peak time on 40 is that it is also during some of the best hours 
> for NA to EU on 40.  Further the RTTY WPX rules provide double points 
> for 160/80/40 Meter QSOs thus the push on 40. 

Mine was just a suggestion on things that could be done to 
help reduce the QRM.  It seems that the Sprinters have taken
steps to try to reduce the QRM problem.  These are things that
can be done by the RTTYers to help as well.

This is the second night of a 48 hour contest - I really doubt the
rates in to Europe - where it is 2-3 AM - are that great.  Perhaps
you can have some people post their rates during this time on 40 
meters into Europe?  

It would be nice to see the RTTYers have one or two small things 
they could do to help minimize the QRM.  

> > 3. If the Marathon moved, and the WPX RTTY contest moved, then
> > it might be possible to move the CW Sprint if there are no
> > other conflicts generated that would cause bigger issues.  
> > However, I am not holding my breath on that one.
> There seems to be interest in updating some other issues with 
> the CQ/RJ RTTY WPX.  Perhaps the sponsors can work out an 
> agreement with the XE guys to exchange weekends (less RTTY 
> activity in the XE and no premium for low band QSOs) as part 
> of the changes.  If that happens, do you think the Sprints can 
> be defined based on "full weekend" rather than "first/second 
> "Sunday UTC" to avoid a periodic clash? 

Anything is possible if it makes sense.  However, I have been told
that it is very unlikely that the Marathon will move.  


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