[CQ-Contest] "Sprint" over to Arkansas?

Dave Pruett k8cc at mediaone.net
Wed Feb 13 00:27:23 EST 2002

At 08:50 PM 2/12/02 -0500, PaulKB8N at aol.com wrote:
>I haven't heard or worked Arkansas in the last three Sprints.  Has this
>become a needed section?  If so, I can drive about six hours and operate 
>from my van in AR for the fall Sprint.  Your thoughts, please! If there is 
>enough demand, I'll do it!

Most of the AR activity in the past years has come from Stan, K5GO or his 
son Kevin, N5DX.  Stan is busy rebuilding EVERY yagi after a bad 
Christmastime ice storm, and Kevin just got married last summer.  Will they 
be on in September?  Who knows...

Another possible is an old-time AR Sprinter who is starting to make noise 
again.  Sprinters from 15-20 years ago will remember Matt, WB5NBC who was 
quite a regular in SS and Sprints.  I heard from Matt recently - he is now 
K5NTT and is talking about putting up some antennas and becoming active 
again.  Imagine the time warp shock from 1985 - logging programs, Internet, 
computer controlled radios, etc.

Somehow I have a feeling one or more of these guys might be active in 

On another note, with all of the discussion concerning moving the Sprint 
weekends, I'd like to suggest that moving it closer to ARRL DX CW will 
likely hurt activity.  I was not on last weekend because I was absorbed in 
getting my station ready for ARRL CW.  Echoing K3MM's comment - even guys 
whose stations are 100% ready all the time are affected with their families 
"losing" them for multiple weekends in a row.



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