[CQ-Contest] I watch with interest, but with great sadness

Leigh S. Jones, KR6X kr6x at kr6x.com
Wed Feb 13 16:18:08 EST 2002

Right.  The DXCC is international by it's nature, and position in the
of the DXCC determine the international stature of individual DXers, within
the US and outside.  The ARRL, by sponsoring the award, adds to its stature
relative to other national amateur radio organizations, and does not merely
sponsor the award for the purpose of generating income.

By the same token, the value of sponsoring national and international
contests goes far beyond the marketability of the printed results.  As an
example of this, imagine how many people would have even heard of
the International Olympic Committee if it's only function were to generate
profits, but it had no other relationships with the sporting events of the

Sponsorship of DXCC and major contests is fundamental to the stature,
and therefore the existence of the ARRL.  To shortchange the coverage
of the event in the text of the magazine would do injury to the stature of
the ARRL.

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> On Wed, 13 Feb 2002, Jim Reisert wrote:
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> > --- "Leigh S. Jones, KR6X" <kr6x at kr6x.com> wrote:
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> > > So the DXCC certificate is in danger of elimination.  Someone produces
> > > data that says the cost of sending HQ staffers to the convention isn't
> > > being offset by all of the money being spent by DXers on their DXCC
> > > stamps.  Someone produces statistics saying that only a fraction of
> > > ARRL members have DXCC certificates -- therefore certainly only a
> > > fraction must believe that the ARRL should continue to underwrite the
> > > cost of administration of the DXCC program.  How's DXCC going to
> > > survive in this climate?
> >
> > By selling a piece of paper for $10 called "QRP DXCC" that requires them
to do
> > nothing more than make sure the list you sent them has 100+ different
> > listed.  No QSL cards required.
> >
> > 73 - Jim AD1C
> >
> This whole thing brings up several interesting questions.  Who ARE these
> mysterious majority of ARRL members?  What do they do with ham radio?
> What do THEY want out of the ARRL, or do they even care?
> The DXCC program is something marvellous, quirky and unusual.  The rules
> for it are also very odd and quirky.  I think it's unlikely that a brand
> new program, invented today, would include "entities" such as all the
> uninhabited islands of the DXCC program.  It would probably be more like
> the WorldRadio W-100-N award.  (I'm not knocking that, either; it's just a
> different program with its own rules.  It's also a lot of fun.)
> We find a LOT of non-U.S. hams in the pileups trying to work these
> uninhabited rocks that count for DXCC.  This indicates to me that these
> hams are also going for DXCC, or that they are participating in some other
> award program based on DXCC.  The DXCC program has become something beyond
> the borders of the American national radio society.  I think that should
> be taken into consideration.
> 73, Zack W9SZ
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