[CQ-Contest] How I picked my QTH

Mark Beckwith swca at swbell.net
Wed Feb 13 15:09:10 EST 2002

Robert (F5VHN) asks:

> Please,
> How did you choose your contest site ?
> Maybe my question was too open, as I got no response
> first time around.
> How can you test to see if:
> its is a great/good/ok site.

I got permission from the seller to operate a 160M contest from the site
using a portable antenna.  After learning the makeshift setup worked well in
the contest I was satisfied that it would be a good site.  This was not an
exact method, to be sure, but if I had done poorly, I probably wouldn't have
bought it and I would have kept looking.

Now that I have put up some towers and antennas, I find I have some noise on
10M but I am confident it can be handled when the time comes.

Tests on 20M and 40M have been encouraging.  160M continues to work well.

K1KI's comments about power lines and drop off and terrain and XYL approval
are all important, too.

Mark, N5OT

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