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> At 12:53 PM 2/13/02 -0500, Tom Frenaye wrote:
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> > From the survey appendix: "The survey sample of 1200 was selected in
> systematic, stratified fashion..."   It only included licensed, domestic
> (USA) members.  "Responses have been weighted in tabulation to accurately
> reflect true population proportions."  The weighting was by license class
> reported in the FCC database.

I thought this was about content in QST, so why did they only survey the
"domestic (USA) members"?  Don't the "non-domestic" members receive QST,and
are they not entitled to be polled as to there interests in the magazine
that they pay for as well as us "domestic" members?  Or maybe they might
skew the results to include such foreign things as contesting and DX ing?

Chris, AB1R

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