[CQ-Contest] Power Entry

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Mon Feb 18 19:22:27 EST 2002

> At 22:16 2/18/2002 +0000, Rex Maner wrote:
> >I know  I'm supposed to enter the exchange as sent, How about
> 50K ?  Shud I
> >have questioned him ? Does he know what was sent ? Does the next guy
> >question him. ? When he sends K , or     KW ,  I think I know
> what is ment,
> >Do I enter as sent or 1000 ??
> >Am I going to be docked for QSO's that show something different than  050
> >and 50 ??  Some gave 5 some 05 and otheres 005, Can I shorten them to 5,
> >Some also gave 5W  ???
> >Quack
> ==========================>
> Those are very tough questions.
> "Your" answers should come from within.
> To request post-contest advice from "others" is bad karma and may get you
> chastised
> Log what was sent.
> Log what was copied.
> Hopefully, they will be the same, and if in error, will be in
> harmon"e"ous
> erron"i"ous, which is OK except after "C".
> Until you can come up with answers to clear your inner soul, you
> should not
> operate heavy machinery.
> Bob Perring
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> Amateur Radio Station  N5RP
> mailto:N5RP at pdq.net
> N5RP Station Page: http://freeweb.pdq.net/perring/station.html

It's patently obvious, Robert, that you have again been spending waaaay too
much time cooped up inside that VW bus you bought from those hippies.  The
residual grass smoke fumes are affecting you...or you've been holed up in
there with the engine running again.


I throw caution to the wind.

If the guy sent me 50k, I would naturally assume he was on the straight and
narrow and doing the right thing: "50 watts. Over."  If it was N5RP, then
log it as you copy it and send a copy to the FCC.

If the guy sends me 005, I typically copy 005.  If I copy 005 and log 5, so

There were guys (and gals, I hope) sending KW and others sending K.
Sometimes I logged the KW stations as K.  Again, so what?

It all gets back to that old debate as to whether to copy "ATT" and log
"ATT" or log "100".  It all ends up meaning the same thing.

Do what you think is right.  Do what you think you would have sent in the
same situation.  Do what you would want the other guy receving your exchange
to do.


dale, kg5u

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