[CQ-Contest] 24 hour category?

Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Tue Feb 19 08:54:32 EST 2002

Hi all,
I made the following comments in my 3830 writeup, and received a few e-
mails agreeing. Would be interested in hearing other comments...

As I was unavailable for contesting Sunday, I decided to invent my own 
category: SOA HP First 24 hours. I operated from 0000Z-2359Z the 
first day (Friday night till Saturday night). I slept for 2 hours in that 
period. I think there's something to this category, and would like to see it 
be added to all 48 hour contests. First, it highlights operating more than 
endurance. Second, the rates are better the first day, so more fun and 
less "there's nobody left to work" boredom. Third, those of us who 
cannot commit a full weekend would have a way to compete with each 
other. Comments? 
Barry W2UP

Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at mindspring.com
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