[CQ-Contest] copying what was sent..

Chuck discreetly_confidential at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 08:04:31 EST 2002

--- David Molvin <wa3nko at ix.netcom.com> wrote:
... I used to log exactly what they sent...Now I
take my best shot at what I think he meant and
hope for the best!

de k3ft.. I do too. UNLESS it's Sunday at about
1900Z and I've been up all night and some needed
mult is heard. The guy rips his call (every 5th Q
or so) at 45WPM, and sends his exchange as
'5NNNN' without any pauses beetween his call and
the exchange.  

Brain processing at 13WPM.. fingers catch up
about 500 ms later and he's ripping it off at
45WPM and expects me to get it right the first

Now THAT's... entertainment! HI.


Chuck K3FT

42 total hours at W3PP on 20M. What a rush! numb
butt.. stiff legs.. brain fuzz.. WHEN'S THE NEXT ONE!?

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