[CQ-Contest] Power Entry

Tree N6TR tree at kkn.net
Tue Feb 19 10:06:29 EST 2002

First off - WA3NKO writes:

> I used to log exactly what they sent UNTIL I started losing too many =
> points when the log checking started...Now I take my best shot at what I =
> think he meant and hope for the best!

I sure would like to see any data to support this.  I think any time
you start guessing, you are going to have a higher error rate.  Most
stations that I know who have taken time to record a contest, and look
over their error reports - are quick to realize that the larger 
percentage of their errors are due to copying mistakes on their 
end as opposed to other error sources.

One of the neat inventions made recently to some of the log checking
software is a list of calls that were judged to be "unstable" during
the contest.  This is done when the received data from that station
(as it appears in the logs of those who worked the station) show 
sufficient variability to remove that call from being "checked".

So - if an Italian station starts sending 1K, but later realizes he
should only be sending 300, this will be detected by the software 
and QSOs will count for that station regardless of what power level
is received.

This is also applied to the Sweepstakes, Stew Perry and NCJ Sprint.  
I can't speak for other contests.

Furthurmore - for the ARRL DX contest - all received power levels
are converted to a numeric value for checking purposes.  Thusly, 
KW, 1K, K and 1000 are all equal.  So are 5, 05, 005 and 00000005.

Tree N6TR
n6tr at arrl.org

PS: Is there a QSO party for Florida?

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