[CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB - OCTOBER 2002

Harry or Marge Flasher hflasher at dayton.net
Tue Feb 19 13:57:43 EST 2002

Dear fellow contestors:

In December I had the opportunity to visit TI5KD (Keko) and operate in
the 10 meter contest.
Keko has a very extensive antenna farm and a great place for
operations.  As I have been involved in multi-multi stations in the CQ
WW SSB contest for many years, we entered into discussion with Keko as
to the running a multi-multi from the site.  Some major antenna changes
would be needed and he has proposed several other changes and
improvements.  He has an extensive amount of equipment to support a full
six station multi-multi plus spotting/packet position.  He does
recommend that we do bring several transceivers and we would need to
bring computers, voice and CW keyers, foot switches and other minor
items plus whatever anyone would want for non-contest time such as

The site can handle 12 visitors comfortably with several couples and
perhaps one or two more as several variables are considered.

I believe we can mount an operation that would be very competitive with
other NA DX multi-multi.

As of now I have six signed up (5 ops) and need several more to make
firm arrangements with
Keko to make the major changes.  He wants to be able to do the antenna
work during the dry season over the next couple of months.  Thus I need
commitments now.

The cost for bed, meals, equipment usage and airport transfer is $500
per person based on a six night stay (main body anticipated to be Wed.
night to Mon. nights).   Shorter or longer stays are possible.   About
the only other extra cost in Costa Rica would be $17.25 for airport
departure fee (based on Dec.) although you might want to do a side trip
to the beach or volcano or other for which Keko has indicated would be
very reasonable.  Other costs would be your airfare, other out of pocket
costs and some amount in the $25-50 range for group costs.

For those that have or will commit in the near future you will have
better priority as to both contest and  outside the contest operating
times and bands.

We could use at least one real good rate operator and other ops should
have some experiences.
Also, we could use someone who has a good feel toward multipliers and
interested in manning the spotting/packet position.  We can accommodate
2 more couples.  Non operating spouses and others are invited.

If you have reasonable interest, please drop me an e-mail message and
I'll send along some more information.

Best 73  -  Harry   AC8G (ex W8KKF), J37K and a number of other entities
over the years.

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