[CQ-Contest] Nagging problem

Dave Mueller n2nl at n2nl.net
Tue Feb 19 17:29:10 EST 2002

I had the identical problem at K1PT, except it was 20m only.  I could
only transmit less than 10W or so without it locking up.  Discovered the
computer wasn't grounded - once it was, the problem completely went

73, Dave N2NL

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I recently experienced some very similar problems, rf wise.  I've been
fighting my problems for the last 2 months and haven't exactly figured
what is wrong.  What I did to fix the problem on CW was to install a
cap (.001) on the lead from the computer to the keying transistor in the
keying interface.  Now last weekend in the contest that worked for the
24 hours then I had to install a second bypass cap from the base of the
keying transistor (in between the resistor and the transistor) that got
through to the end of the contest.

Mike W9RE

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> I have an equipment problem that is driving me nuts...This reflector
> seemed appropriate as another contestor might have experienced the
> thing...
> My station, in part, consists of a FT1000MP, interfaced with my
> via the serial port (COM1) for rig control, and via LPT1 for the CW
> interface...Have old Heathkit external keyer and Bencher paddles going
> to the second paddle input on the 1000MP...I use CT as my contesting
> software...
> My problem...When using CT to send CW, I am limited to VERY low power
> my 1000mp TX keys and locks on...The only way to unkey the rig is to
> turn the RF OUT knob way down...(I'm talking about 10 or 15 watts on
> metres, ugggggg!!)...The only band that seems unaffected is 10 metres,
> where I can crank the amp to full power with no problems...
> Simple problem of RF getting into the cabling between the rig and
> computer, right ? That's what I thought too...After replacing all
> cabling with shielded cabling etc etc, the problem is still
> there...Here's the quirk...I can use other programs (LOG-EQF for
> example) to send CW via the keyboard and same computer-to-rig
> interfacing with no problems...Full power on all bands works OK...
> In addition, the lock-on problem only happens after I first use CT to
> send CW...Here's a typical scenario that I tested a dozen times last
> night to be sure it wasn't intermittent...
> -Turn rig ON with computer OFF...All OK...Can send CW with paddles at
> full power...
> -Turn computer ON without CT running, all OK...Can use full power with
> paddles, and LOG-EQF will send via the keyborad OK at full power...
> -Start CT, use paddles to send CW, all OK...Hit F4 on keyboard to send
> my call, and the TX keys and locks until I turn RF OUT down to minimal
> level...Now, even using the external paddles will lock the TX on...
> -Close CT, paddles still lock TX on...
> -Open LOG-EQF, can now use either the paddles or keyboard to send
> BOTTON LINE...Can't use CT to send CW via the keyboard at any more
> 15 watts!! (made for fun last weekend I'll tell you!!...Wife's dream
> almost came true, she thought I was going to turf everything out the
> basement window Saturday afternoon)...
> What am I missing here ? I realize that it is an RF problem, but why
> only when running CT ? If it happened when I was using other programs
> send CW, I could understand...Is there something in CT that I have set
> wrong ? (I do NOT use CT for rig control, therefore no COM port
> are used in CT SETUP)...OR...Is there a menu setting in the FT1000MP
> that could be fouling things up ?...The ONLY time this problem arises
> when I start CT...( No slight against the program, it likely isn't
> the program's fault, although I am beginning to wonder)
> Again, I have used shielded cabling and tried torroids everywhere etc
> etc etc...
> Any help would be GREATLY appreciated...It's baffling me...Sorry for
> bandwidth...
> 73, Scott VE1OP
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