[CQ-Contest] Astute observation by ZF2NT

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Feb 19 18:50:27 EST 2002

> Bruce is one of the few in the nearby Caribbean guys you can consistently
> work from here on the higher bands - a credit to his operating skills...he
> may be booming up Nawth but down here in FL he is that almost undetectable
> peep seemingly out of synch with the huge pileups!  Bruce knows this and
> will add our call at the tail end of the exchange because we simply cannot
> hear it the first time he sends it underneath all those longer callers...

Well, Bruce is good. That's for sure.  But, he's got a ways to go before
he's good enough to detect when his signal at my house is just a mush of
code from scatter.  I called till the cows came home.  Then I went to 20.

dale, kg5u

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