[CQ-Contest] how to report a multi-state ARRL DX entry?

jim funk jfunk at adams.net
Tue Feb 19 23:40:22 EST 2002

In the "some people don't know when to quit" category.... (we needed more
categories, right?):

I operated ARRL DX CW (besides a short stint at KC1XX) from a fixed location
in MA under my own call, and as N9JF/M from MA, NY, and PA.  Any idea how
ARRL wants this reported?  It's all in one continuous log (the N9JF and
N9JF/M stuff).

No, this is not an easy way to operate a DX test, but it *was* fun.  And,
wow, is New England ever a chip shot to EU compared to IL!!

73, Jim N9JF

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