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David Robbins k1ttt at arrl.net
Wed Feb 20 20:44:04 EST 2002

> K1TTT (is that pronounced K-one-thousand?) asks:
> > > Furthurmore - for the ARRL DX contest - all received power levels
> > > are converted to a numeric value for checking purposes.  Thusly,
> > > KW, 1K, K and 1000 are all equal.  So are 5, 05, 005 and 00000005.
> > >
> > > Tree N6TR
> > > n6tr at arrl.org
> >
> > are 'att', '2tt', 'nnn', 'nn' etc also converted?
> Nope.
> >From the ARRL web page:
> 4.2 DX stations send signal report and power (number indicating
>     approximate transmitter output power).
> a, t, n and e are not numbers.  They are CW abbreviations used to
> communicate a number.
> I do convert K or KW to 1000 however.

ah, but k and w are not numbers either and you convert them based on
your assumption of what was meant.  Why would that not logically extend
to a,t,n,e,o and any other common abbreviations?  

For the reflector this is a perfect example of why you should not try to
second guess what contest sponsors and log checkers do.  Up till this
year I would always 'copy what was sent' as so many of you like to
preach about.  But doing that now would cost me.  Now the real dilemma,
I have already sent in my log... do I dare go back and open it up to
make sure that none of the operators did what I had been doing up to
this year?  Or will that get me in hot water with all of you out there??

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