[CQ-Contest] Power Entry

Tree N6TR tree at kkn.net
Wed Feb 20 16:48:53 EST 2002

KR6X writes:

> Brings up an interesting dilemma.
> A given operator enters the ARRL contest from the state of TN
> with a callsign of KP4XXX.
> K1TTT calls him, thinking he is in Puerto Rico.
> KP4XXX thinks he hears TK1TT calling him, and gives a report
> of ENNTN.
> K1TTT types ENNTN.  By this time, N6TR's software converts cut
> numbers, per K1TTT's request, to 599 09.
> KP4XXX thinks he hears ENNTTA (599001) coming from TK1TT.
> Struggling to copy more accurately as K1TTT corrects the callsign,
> he thinks he hears a power level of 1TTTK (1000 kilowatts) coming
> from TK1TT.  Which power level should KP4XXX put in his log?

Don't be silly - obviously, he should put MW for one megawatt.

Well, as it turns out, I was lying through my teeth when I said
that cut numbers won't be converted to integers.  It seems that in 
a moment of weakness, last year or perhaps the year before, I went
ahead and converted N to 9, T to zero, oh to zero, A to 1, U to
2 and E to 5 when looking at the power field.  

Once again, the log checkers "did the right thing" or else they
just don't have any backbone.  

However, I still think it would be a good idea for people to use
the rules as a guideline and think "numeric" when entering the 


PS: Still wondering if there is a QSO party for Florida or not.

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