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Leigh S. Jones kr6x at kr6x.com
Thu Feb 21 22:14:12 EST 2002

I'd hope that you weren't suggesting that the group of multi
that ran without packet this last contest were somehow violating the
spirit that you've expressed below.  In none of the postings from
N2RM operators, etc., did I hear anything like "real hams don't...".
Instead, I heard "it would be fun to do this" repeated widely.

But perhaps I've overlooked some of the posts.  Did anyone say
that someone who uses packet should be excluded from multi-multi
competition in the ARRL contests?  To read the K2AV post you
might think that he thought it unsightly when one big multi operation
used Drake C-lines (old tube-type  rigs) exclusively -- just for fun.
Does K2AV vote to exclude all forms of paper logging or semi-
automatic keys from the contesting world?

I must admit -- I have something of a kindred spirit with those who
started the thread.  I don't find that the packet capability increases
my fun level in contests.  Neither do I find that extensive multiplier
passing at multi-multi stations satisfies my contesting needs.  I'd
have to admit that a really loud multi-multi station using packet
wisely and doing a lot of multiplier passing would outscore the
same station without these techniques.

But, as in the case of single operator class competition, when at a
multi station I'd have more fun if I were competing in a class that
excluded these techniques.  So I can quite well understand the
thread.  You see, these packetless operations did quite well
competitively.  Perhaps we've been a little shortsighted (as
members of the contesting community) not to work for creation
of packetless multi classes...

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> A small sampling of my collection of "Real hams don't" heard over
> years:
> Real hams don't use bugs. All those extra dits never under control
> Dah dit dit dit dit dit dit instead of a real B. Real hams use a
> straight key.
> Real hams don't use SSB, it sounds like pig squeals and you have to
> keep tuning it in. Real hams use AM.
> Real hams don't use transistors. Ham parts should weigh something
> heft nicely in your hand.
> Real hams don't use automatic keyers, especially iambic. Real hams
> mechanical sending devices, like bugs. Bugs take skill to do dits
> dahs right.
> Real hams don't use equipment they didn't design and build
> They don't build kits either. Real hams are supposed to be
> experimenting, pushing the envelope, leaders in design.
> Real hams don't use equipment made in other countries. If Johnson,
> Collins and National aren't good enough for you, you have a problem.
> Real hams don't use equipment made with LSI and surface mount,
> then you can't repair it yourself. Real hams repair their own
> equipment.
> Real hams don't use keyboards, they use keys and paddles and
> keyers. Keys and paddles take skill.
> Real hams don't use logging computers. Keeping a paper log and dupe
> sheet is a skill that separates the men from the boys.
> Real hams don't use packet in a DX contest. Real hams find their own
> multipliers.
>                  ----------
> History has not been kind to the pronouncers of "Real hams don't
> You'd think we would learn. Silly thread on packet.
> If you DON'T want to use it, fine. If you DO want to use it, fine.
> Just don't use it and put yourself in a rules class that doesn't.
> And lay off trying to put down everyone that doesn't like it the
> way you do, lay off trying to change the rules to FORCE everyone
> to do it the way you do. You just make people mad. And history shows
> you SURELY are NOT going to win.
> There is plenty of room for ALL of us. Real hams make room for other
> hams.
> 73
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