[CQ-Contest] W/VEs spotting W/VEs

Jeffrey Clarke ku8e1 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 22 06:25:33 EST 2002

K8CC wrote :

 This past weekend I noticed W/VE stations (actually, Ws for the most
part) spotting other W/VE stations over the DX spotting system.  (I'm
not talking about K4MA, who I know was in 8P but spotting people under
his call.) While I suppose there could be legitimate reasons for this,
like spotting some rare W/VE state/province, I hardly think IL or PA
falls into that category.  Since in almost every case, the station
doing the spotting was in the same call area as the station being
spotting, it would appear instead that these were attempts to attract
DX stations to the frequency of these particular W/VEs.


 What's with the "negative" responses to Dave's concern about packet??
Every real contester knows that it is in the sprit of the rules that
stations should not self-spot themselves. I think the same can be said
that those who spot their friends falls in the same category. There are
enought real DX spots going across the packet screen to have these
"garbage" spots cluttering up everything.

                        73's  Jeff

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