[CQ-Contest] Packet v. No Packet

Kelly Taylor autonews at shaw.ca
Sat Feb 23 23:10:01 EST 2002


Perhaps somebody could help me out: why is packet an issue?

Is it because people object to technological "impurities" invading the inner
sanctum of contesting?

Is it because "I can't but he can, so he shouldn't?"

Is it "I don't want to, so nobody should?"

Is it a "real hams" thing?

Seems silly for us to have developed these new technologies only to then
wring our hands at their existence.

If you want a contest without packet, start one. I'd play.

Why can't the no packet folk just go out and buy a TNC?

Packet is. Accept it. You'll find inner peace.



ve4 - still no packet here - xt

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