[CQ-Contest] FT1000MP band data

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg at contesting.com
Tue Feb 26 05:35:19 EST 2002

This odd DIN footprint seems to be a JA-radio thing.  The Kenwood 930/940 series has this same, "unique" arrangement for its XVERTER jack.  In my HF-centric world, this jack is where one can tap into the receive path for Beverage antenna use.  I guess that's better than not having any jack for this purpose.

Excuse the ASCII "art"

"U" arrangement (940/930/1000MP/etc.)

 P       P
P    P    P
X         X

"C" arrangement (everyone else!)

 P       P
P    P    P
 X       X

Notice the two pins marked "X" are closer together on the "standard" 8-pin; all others are spaced the same between connectors.  If you don't need the signals on these pins, cut them off the plug and you'll be OK. 

If you do what I did and insert the wrong plug into the jack, you'll likely (as I did) crack the jack on the radio.  Fortunately, in my case, the jack still functions correctly.

73 Mike N2MG

On Mon, 25 February 2002, "Tom Rauch" wrote:

> > Is the FT1000MP band data output a special size? The DIN plug I 
> > bought from Radio Shack seems to be too large.
> The pin spacing and size is very close, but a tiny bit different than 
> all the other DIN plugs in the world.
> I spent about 30 hours looking for a replacement, and the only 
> source I found is Yaesu.
> You can tweak the pins with needle nose pliers and force a regular 
> DIN in, but it doesn't fit quite right! 
> I've heard rumors some people push really really hard and manage 
> to get a DIN plug in, but I was always afraid to try it!
> Call Yaesu, save yourself grief.
> 73, Tom W8JI
> W8JI at contesting.com 

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