[CQ-Contest] FT1000MP band data

Mills, Wayne N7NG N7NG at arrl.org
Tue Feb 26 08:39:19 EST 2002

Beware! Forcing one of these plugs has been know to break the insulator in
the jack.

Wayne, N7NG

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At 02:07 PM 2/25/02 -0600, William H Hendrick wrote:
>Is the FT1000MP band data output a special size? The DIN plug I
>bought from Radio Shack seems to be too large.


The Yaesus and Kenwoods that have 8 pin DIN plugs are indeed a special 
size.  The problem, I believe it the positioning of the pins across the 
side with the index notch.  The Radio Shack connectors will not fit 
(however, I think they do fit ICOMs).

Fortunately, I have a little electronic store a few miles away who (for 
some reason) carries the right 8 -pin DIN.  I know Amateur Electronic 
Supply also carries these special 8-pin DINs as well.



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