[CQ-Contest] FT1000MP band data

k8cc k8cc at mediaone.net
Wed Feb 27 19:33:45 EST 2002

At 12:04 PM 2/27/02 -0500, Tom Rauch wrote:
> > The Yaesus and Kenwoods that have 8 pin DIN plugs are indeed a special
> > size.  The problem, I believe it the positioning of the pins across
> > the side with the index notch.  The Radio Shack connectors will not
> > fit (however, I think they do fit ICOMs).
>The kenwoods are a special size also??? Are they the same as a
>73, Tom W8JI
>W8JI at contesting.com

I've only seen two types of 8-pin DIN connectors.  The more common ones 
(like Radio Shack has) fits my IC-765 ACC jack on the back of the 
radio.  I've even in a pinch melted out the center pin with a soldering 
iron and it fits a 7-pin DIN jack.

I can't speak for the TS-950, but the special 8-pin DIN which the TS-830S 
thru TS-940S used for the "XVTR" jack (supremely useful for connecting 
receive antennas) is the same as the one on my FT-1000D.  My TS-850S does 
not have a XVTR jack (I wish it did!).



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