[CQ-Contest] Club Callsigns

Chuck discreetly_confidential at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 3 11:36:27 EDT 2002

Hi Ed and others..

One correction... As long as the holder of the
Call being used has designated an authorized
CONTROL OPERATOR to oversee the operations, the
holder of the callsign need not be present at the
op.  The control operator(s) MUST be present to
maintain control over the operation. 

Beyond that.. the person who holds the callsign
may go away. Of course.. should 'situations
arise' the holder of the callsign AND the control
op will be responsible for dealing with the

Of course, the privledges authorized the station
are only those in concert with the holder of the
call OR the control operator (usually they hold
the same class of license).

You are correct, absolutely, in  your thinking
that the rule is violated all the time when a
Club will allow a Call to be used at and event
and the trustee/holder of the call 'goes away'
and does not have a designated control operator
present to act in their stead.


Chuck K3FT

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