[CQ-Contest] Restoring High Band/Low Band categories in ARRL DX Test

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Fri Jul 5 14:20:29 EDT 2002

On 6/18/02 9:25 AM, Dave Hachadorian at K6LL at adelphia.net wrote:

>2. There are a lot of stations around the world
>who have a small tower and tribander
>in the back yard, and an assortment of low,
>seriously compromised antennas for 40,
>80, and 160. There is not much incentive for these
>stations to get on the air in the
>all band category, since they know that they
>cannot turn in a competitive score. On the
>other hand, a tribander can do a quite creditable
>job on the high bands, which would
>encourage activity.

I know I'm a bit late to the party on this issue, but I'd like to 
disagree with Dave here. I believe there's an errant assumption at work 

If the sole purpose of operating contests was to put in a winning score, 
then the sport would soon dwindle down to just a dozen or so "serious" 

The guys (like me) with a small tower and tribander and compromised 
antennas for the other bands aren't necessarily competing against 
everyone else in the same category. Sometimes, we're just out to turn in 
a better score than last year, or to beat the guy down the street, or in 
the next county.

The small tower / tribander guys are already going to be concentrating on 
the higher bands --  that's where their stations are effective. I don't 
see where a high/low band split would encourage activity here. If 
anything, it might lower single band scores on the lower bands since 
folks won't bother even trying them out.

I don't think you encourage activity by limiting bands -- why not a TS 
category, like that in WPX? (Although this has it's own inequities, as a 
guy with a C51XR at 100 feet likely outclasses the guy with a HF4B at 20 

>To me, the payoff in any contest is to enjoy the
>contest experience itself, and, afterward, to
>to see how I ranked, with the data arranged the
>way I like to see it presented.

I really like seeing the internet results. I found out I was #78 out of a 
field of 800-odd in low-power SS Phone. Maybe this year, I can break into 
the top 50 again.

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