[CQ-Contest] Mid North America - OI2HQ IARU 2002 Propagation Forecast

jukka.klemola at nokia.com jukka.klemola at nokia.com
Tue Jul 9 01:34:34 EDT 2002

Mid North America - OI2HQ IARU2002 Propagation Forecast,

Expected solar activity: SFI=150, K=2.
OI2HQ sunset 2015 UTC, sunrise 0050 UTC

Propagation charts can be found at:
-Special thanks to Jari, OH6BG and Teijo, OH6NIO for
their contribution in creating all this forecast

Mid North America - OI2HQ forecast band by band:

1837 CW&SSB kHz, QSX as announced
No conditions expected

3512-3514 kHz CW
3775 kHz SSB, QSX as announced
Expecting to work some Mid NA stations at
02-0230 UTC.
Signals will be weak if there is any propagation.

7004 or 7034 kHz CW
7070-7075 kHz SSB, QSX as announced
40m expected to be open 02-03 UTC for big stations.

14034 kHz CW
14255 kHz SSB
20m expected to be open from 2300 UTC on July 13th to
0830 UTC on July 14th.

21034 kHz CW, 
21255 or 21315 kHz SSB
15m expected to be open from contest start 12 UTC on
July 13th to 1930 UTC.
Opening is possible later, even after 23 UTC.
On July 14th 15m opens at 1030 UTC and is open to
contest end, 12 UTC July 14th.

28034 kHz CW,
28485 or 28530 kHz SSB
Expecting to work Mid NA stations from contest start,
July 13th, 12 UTC to 1730 UTC if Aurora is vague enough.
On July 14th band may open at 1130 UTC and stay open to contest
end, 12 UTC.
Signal path is polar, so odd openings may occur even though
the announcd more likely hours may be worse.


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