[CQ-Contest] 4-square vs 40-2CD

Paul Playford w8aef at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jul 8 22:48:59 EDT 2002

Great report Dick.  I am of the same opinion, the only way to compare
antennas is to be able to switch between them.

At one time I had a Hygain antenna that consisted of two linearly loaded
elements on 40 and 3 full size elements on 20.  It's been a long time but
I think it may have been a 402BA or something like that.  My observations
were similar to yours on both gain and f/b on 40 but a real performer on 20.
So poor on 40 that I gave it away when I obtained my first 204BA.

An observation I made a couple of years ago is that yagi height is very
important, just like the books say but we never believe (big antennas, high
in the sky, work better than little antennas down low).  It was during
Sweepstakes that I noticed my tribander at 30 feet was outperforming my
monoband yagi's at 70-78-86 feet.  And in excess of 10 dB.  I even checked
them with an analyzer!  As an afterthought I cranked the tower down and when
all the antennas were at about the same height they performed equally well.
I have concluded that on 20-15-10 if you want to talk to someone less that
2500 miles away about 30 feet heighth works best, and if further than 2500
miles then the higher antennas work best.

So I will be anxiously watching for your report from the IARU.

My 4 squares have elevated radials and I have a feeling that they are
between a 2 element and a 3 element yagi.

Your IARU report may be the impetus I need to put my other 72 foot tower up
with a 40 meter yagi on it.

de Paul, W8AEF

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> And the winner is...
> I just had the rare opportunity to compare two very different 40m antennas

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