[CQ-Contest] Kachina plus contest logging?

Dennis McAlpine dennis.mcalpine at verizon.net
Fri Jul 12 22:59:14 EDT 2002

My friend N2UN, who lives in an antenna deprived part of NYC, has successfully managed to put up an R-7000 vertical antenna at his office.  He is talking to a Kachina at his office from his apartment via the phone lines and using some x-10 devices to turn the power on and off.

Now like any good contester, Tony is trying how to use this remotely activated station in a contest.  His question is how do you use the Kachina operating software at thesame time as a contest logging program, e.g. WriteLog, CT, NA, etc. Has anyone had any experience with this probem and how did you do it?  

Thanks for the help.  It mayget another station on the air for us all to work.


Dennis, K2SX  

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