[CQ-Contest] Re: [PVRC] WRTC (early) results - Not so fast!!!!

Mike Gilmer n2mg at eham.net
Sun Jul 14 21:12:04 EDT 2002

Sounds more like a problem with the scoring process, like perhaps the
software that team was using was miscounting (over scoring) something all
along, then at the end they realized it and recalculated and reposted
(though I cannot explain the time stamps)

Not that we would speculate - not on *this* reflector...  ;-)

-Mike N2MG

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>         The detailed breakdown for N6TJ/N6AA shows the following
> sequence, only the last of which is posted, even though it is an
> earlier time.  May be some problem with the posting process since
> the progression from earlier would indicate the 1.7M score is in
> the right ballpark (remember OH time is UTC + 3):
> OH time          Score
> 13:00:26         1570162
> 14:01:10         1658232
> 15:26:21         1747340
> 15:20:00         1411344
>         At this point, nobody knows what this means but the OH guys!
>                                             73,  Bill  W4ZV

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