[CQ-Contest] NAQP RTTY

Larry L Lindblom llindblom at juno.com
Tue Jul 16 00:10:21 EDT 2002

If your thinking about playing in NAQP RTTY why not double you pleasure
double your fun and sign on for a team.  By playing on a team you compete
in both the single op and team competition.  For me playing on a team
adds a new lever of enjoyment to this fun event.  
Those signed on so far to play on a team with TCG include:
If your expressed interest and your call is missing from the list, please
resend your message.  
I will put together as many teams as there are interested players. 
E-mail me direct if you want to sign of to a team
You will notice my own call is lacking from the list.  This is because
the frequency tuning in my main rig died and the backup rig suddenly
seems to have almost zero power output.  You might say in was a lousy
weekend here in the IARU test.  I have serious doubt about getting one of
these rigs going by this Saturday.  If I do count me in, if I don't I'll
cheer all the TCG team players on from the sidelines.
73 W0ETC

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