[CQ-Contest] IG9A 2002 OP WANTED CQWW 2002

IT9GSF Fabio Grisafi fgrisafi at tin.it
Wed Jul 17 19:41:51 EDT 2002

I am looking for a friend to take part in the coming CQWW Contests.

IG9A will be not active as M/M this year but we hope to be QRV all bands
Single Op entries.

There is space for a SO/80 meters or SO/160 meters entry for the SSB Contest
and for
a SO/All Band in the CW Contest.
I will operate SO/All band in the SSB Contest and SO/80 in the CW.

It is requested to be in Lampedusa from Oct21 to Oct28 and from Nov21 to

Both periods QRV is a must as I am looking for help to erect antennas and to
take them
down in November.

Goals are:

First place 80 meters SSB with All Time record setting.
One of the first 3 place for SO/ALL SSB.
First place 80 meters CW with All Time record setting.
One of the first 3 place for SO/ALL CW.


We need only a TRX, a rotator and a two elements 40 mts Yagi to complete two

First station (All bands):
Location: highest point in the island near TV repeater (NO TVI);
KT34XA on a 18 mts tower;
6 el. 15 mts + 5 el. 10 mts Yagi on the second 18 mts aluminum tower;
5 el. 20 mts + 2 el. 40 mts Yagi on the third 18 mts aluminum tower;
80 meters sloopers, 160 mts dipole and sloopers from a 25 meters TV
broadcast tower;
Beverages to W and NW (No other directions possible).

Second station (80 and/or 160 meters):
Location: previous M/M QTH in the north side of the island over a 60 meter
Quarter wave vertical with >120 radials;
Several Beverages;

If you are interested please e-mail me directly: fgrisafi at tin.it

73 de Fabio, IT9GSF (One of IG9A 1994-2001).

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