[CQ-Contest] Ideas for WRTC 2004

Felipe J. Hernandez felipe at isla.net
Fri Jul 19 12:59:05 EDT 2002

Just imagine all the money to be spent in marketing to draw the same
amount of participation as a contest like the IARU.

I personally think that the conbination couldn't be better, obviously
Low solar activity the site chosen has to be in a location with
propagation advantages. 

Maybe Puerto rico Who knows...


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Interesting question.

First off, the WRTC needs to be in a warm climate.  It would be tough
the station and antenna work to be in inclement weather.  Second, the
must be imbedded in some form of contest, otherwise, the rich enviroment
QSOs and multipliers available would not exist.  In addition, the WRTC
the championship of contesting, and therefore it needs to be in a
contesting environment, with both modes available.  The IARU is not any
the national contests, or regional.  Realistically, that leaves the IARU
the summer (northern hemisphere)as the only alternative  The IARU's 24
length is a good compromise between the full 48 hours and shorter
durations.  The 24 hour length is important from the consideration of
hosts and also the competitors and referees.  From an overall
the IARU is a good environment.

Jim N3BB

>Why does the WRTC need to be wedded to the IARU Radiosport?
>Mark, N5OT
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