[CQ-Contest] A couple of reminders about IARU Scores

Henderson, Dan N1ND dhenderson at arrl.org
Fri Jul 19 14:26:00 EDT 2002

A couple of items...

I.  Many contesters sent the WRTC 2002 Committee their logs immediately
after the contest to assist in their adjudication of their event.  Many of
those logs sent directly to WRTC were sent before the submitter did their
own "sanity check" on the entry. I have been asked by several stations that
sent their logs to the WRTC for their "early bird" logs to assist in score
of that event if I have received their log from the WRTC 2002 organizing

The administration of the IARU HF Contest is completely separate from the
WRTC 2002 officials. The WRTC Committee used the early submitted logs to
assist them with their adjudication of their event.  They did not screen
logs for any of the information that is needed by the ARRL in order to
accurately report and adjudicate the IARU HF Contest.  Receiving logs
directly from WRTC 2002 could leave the ARRL with logs that contained
problems, making them difficult or impossible to use for the official
contest results.

You must send in your IARU HF World Championship to either iaruhf at arrl.org
or iaruhf at iaru.org in order for your results to be included in the official
contest results.

The ARRL Contest Branch will not be receiving the "early bird" logs from

II. Several stations have questioned why the ARRL-SECTION: field is required
in the Cabrillo log header.

The ARRL administers the contest at no cost to the IARU or the other member
societies.  The ARRL-SECTION: Field in the header allows us to do several
things which help result in a more accurate reporting of the results.  The
ARRL issues awards to stations in the ARRL/RAC Field Organization based on
their official section.  So for W/VE stations, we have to have the ARRL
section information in order to determine awards.  The use of the term "DX"
in that field for DX stations allows us to sort non-W/VE logs into a
separate queue for processing, reporting, and for determining awards for
non-ARRL or RAC member society stations.

Thanks for your help.


Dan Henderson, N1ND
ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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