[CQ-Contest] Kachina plus contest logging?

Guy Olinger, K2AV k2av at contesting.com
Sun Jul 21 13:45:42 EDT 2002


Where do you put the two monitors? What kind and size are they?


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> I have done this for several contests.  There are two basic
> a) Use two computers: one for logging and one to control the
Kachina.  This is preferred as it eliminates the need to change window
> focus between radio and logging software, a major impediment to S&P
operation.  Furthermore, there are SERIOUS keyboard conflicts
> between the two applications; e.g., F1 in many logging software
packages sends the CQ message... while F1 on a Kachina shifts the
> radio to a memory frequency and obliterates what you were doing!
Keeping the applications on separate machines reduces (but does
> not eliminate) these kinds of cockpit errors.
>    This recommendation goes double if you are using a tuning knob.
The knob goes dead when the Kachina software does not have the
> keyboard focus.
> b) If you must use only one computer, you should practice a lot in
advance.  It is also worthwhile to obtain and configure a
> keyboard macro utility, to replace some of the multi-step sequences
one will need to switch around the various applications.  Think
> creatively.
>    -- Eric K3NA
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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Kachina plus contest logging?
> My friend N2UN, who lives in an antenna deprived part of NYC, has
successfully managed to put up an R-7000 vertical antenna at his
> office.  He is talking to a Kachina at his office from his apartment
via the phone lines and using some x-10 devices to turn the
> power on and off.
> Now like any good contester, Tony is trying how to use this remotely
activated station in a contest.  His question is how do you use
> the Kachina operating software at thesame time as a contest logging
program, e.g. WriteLog, CT, NA, etc. Has anyone had any
> experience with this probem and how did you do it?
> Thanks for the help.  It mayget another station on the air for us
all to work.
> 73,
> Dennis, K2SX
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